|| Access to the temple

● By train
Get off at Shin-Sanda Sta. on JR Fukuchiyama Line. Approx. 40 minute-ride by taxi from Shin-Sanda Sta.

● By car
Approx. 15 minute-drive from Hyogo Tojo IC on Chugoku Expressway, passing by Toys’ Kingdom. Nearby the Hata Starting-point of a trail up to Mt. Mikusa.


Nenbutsushu Sampozan Muryojuji Temple
(Nenbutsushu Buddhist Sect of Japan)

【 Head Temple 】
1136 Kami-Mikusa, Kato City, Hyogo Pref., 673-1472, Japan
Phone: 0795-44-1800 Fax: 0795-44-1811
E-mail: info@nenbutsushu.or.jp

If there is anything unclear, please let us know by e-mail. ➣ Inquiry